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Business Process Management (BPM) is the next natural step in the evolution of any business that wants to go beyond the transactional efficiencies accomplished with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to achieve competitive advantage.

Nybble Group uses the latest workflow and business process management technologies designed to streamline and tailor business processes to your organization’s needs, delivering truly seamless, end-to-end management of tasks, execution and automation of end- to-end business processes, improving cross-departmental processes and leveraging process efficiency and excellence as a means to drive strategic advantage. Our solutions increase productivity, reduce error rates, and eliminate tedious manual tasks.

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The high degree of manual processing still existing in most companies is costly and slow, and it can lead to inconsistent results and a high error rate... too many processes still rely on people and paper. Research indicates that a significant opportunity exists to increase the levels of automation in back offices. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) represents an opportunity to transform the back and front office and improve business performance across the entire organization by reducing process costs, increasing speed and improving accuracy.

Nybble Group leverages the most advanced RPA technologies and platforms to provide the capability for automating processes that would otherwise be executed manually by humans or through extensive proprietary customization of existing IT systems, resulting in a higher level of automation with a significantly lower level of investment and greater speed to deployment. Nybble Group also offers a methodology to support adoption which furnishes organizations with tools and approaches that define the business case, engage the relevant stakeholders appropriately and maximize the scope of the potential and on-going benefits that are delivered.

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ODOO is the world’s most customizable, reliable and advanced Open source ERP solution. The open source model of ODOO has allowed thousands of developers and business experts to build hundreds of apps in just a few years. With strong technical foundations, ODOO’s framework is unique. It provides top notch usability that scales across all apps.

ODOO is a comprehensive suite of business applications including CRM, Sales, Order Management, Accounting, Finances, Purchase, Warehouse Management, Production, Human Resources, Payroll Accounting, Project Management, Business Intelligence, CMS, E-Commerce and several other modules that are available for integration.

ODOO is the all-in-one management so-ware that is beautiful and easy-to-use giving you everything you need to grow your business within a top notch user experience.

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Nybble Group has been successfully providing near-shore, remote development services for more than 10 years to different companies in the US and Canada. We know this model very well.

We know how to leverage the advantages of being on the same time zone with most of our clients as well as having a very similar culture which enables excellent communication

The Delivery Teams are located mainly in Argentina, and we have a US-based company and business development office as well. This offers our clients the benefit of dealing with a US-based entity while we handle all the other complexities for them

We have resources with proven experience in various platforms. Most of them are our own personnel, and others are people that we have access to through our curated network of partners, always keeping the management and coordination under Nybble Group’s control.

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Who We Are

“You don’t create a culture. Culture happens. It’s the by-product of consistent behavior. If you encourage people to share, and you give them the freedom to share, then sharing will be built into your culture. If you reward trust then trust will be built into your culture.” (Jason Fried, 37 Signals CEO)

Nybble Group's culture didn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of our long-standing belief that if you do what is right, good things will happen.
Core values and mission statements don’t make a culture. You can’t give people a list of rules to live by and expect a change of heart. That said, we do have a set of core values. These are short, simple reminders of who we want to be and how we want to live. Putting these in writing has helped us hold each-other accountable and guide our culture toward a clear target.

  • People First
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Collaboration and Respect
  • Agile
  • Have Fun
Working with a team based in Argentina can have several advantages:

  • Closer time-zone: because of our location we are only 1 hour ahead of the US East Coast, 4 hours ahead of the US West Coast and 4 hours ahead of the UK
  • Regional political stability: there have been no major wars or terrorist attacks in decades
  • Cultural similarity: the western culture has an affinity with the cultures of Europe, the US and Canada. Our project leaders speak fluent english and every member in our development team can read/write in that language as well
  • Enjoyable Environment: Buenos Aires is a great city to visit, and our office is located in very nice area with access to amenities, shops and hotels
  • Low employee turn-over: we have a very low turn-over rate
  • Abundant talent: we can pick the best of the best
  • Educational excellence: Argentina invests more in education per capita than almost any other developing country
  • Accessibility: it only takes a few hours to get to our offices with several direct flights from the US, Canada and Europe

We have more than 15 years of delivering projects on time and within scope, learning and improving our process and services with every one of them.

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  • Miami | USA Business Development

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